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Featured Artists

Each month we honor one or two of our artists.  These artists are a great representation of the talent and unique creations that are the focus of our exibits for the month.  We also hold a reception in their honor during the Second Saturday Art Walk.

We are very lucky to have such a vast amount of talent in our gallery that we can feature new artists most every month of the year.  Check out our current and previous Featured Artists on the links below.

  March:   Pattie / Stephanie
  April:  Rhiannon Griffiths
  May:  Judy / Tom 
  June: Where Art Thou? Winners
  July:  Kathleen / John
  August:  Colleen / Karen
  September:  Don / Mike
  October:  Meredith / Shelly
  November:  Let's Rock
  December:  Kathryn / Phyllis
  January:  Photo Shoot
  February:  Photo Shoot
  March:   Draper / Fleagle
  April:  WSO 24 / Winners of WAT
  May: WSO Show
  June:  Bots and Beings Show
  July:  Damon-Dawson / Estill
  August:  McIntyre / McKnight
  September:  Rods and Rhodys Jewelry Galore
  October:  Nichols / McMahan
  November:  Leasure / Ignatieff
  December:  Little Dickens Show
  February:  The Authors of Backstreet
  March:  Ames and Brooks Anderson 
  April:  Little Dickens
  May: Lundrum and Medeiros
  June:  Shoe in, boot up, roll on challenge
  July:  Draper and Thomas
  August:  Dixon and Estill
  September:  Jacklon and Dawson
  October:  Leasure and Wenzel
  November:  Bill Johnson
  December:  Little Dickens  
  December: Little Dickens
  November: Carole Hilsbery
  October:  Karen Nichols
  September:  Jacklon Manzanares
  August:  Meredith Draper and Jayne Smoley
  July:  Box Social
  June:  Tracy Webster and Jane Rincon
  May:  Caroline Estill and John Leasure
  April:  LIttle Dickens Winners-Rosy and Pancho Clark
  March:  Claudia Ignatieff and Garry Edison
  January:  Stormy Weather
  December:  Little Dickens Winners Announced
  November:  Geraldine McMahan
  October:  Jayne Smoley & Tamarah Phillips
  September:  Ramona Wezel & Meredity Draper
  August:  Jan Landrum & Jacklon Manzanarez
  July:  Kris DeNoyer
  June:  About Face Community Challenge
  May:  Carole Hillsbery
  April:  Guest Artists, Bill Jonson and Jan Woodford
  March:  Stephanie Ames and Pattie Brooks Anderson
  February:  HearTHEARTHeart
  January:  Pacific Northwest Wet – Gallery Wide Feature
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