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Mike McIntyre and Don Mathis Featured at Backstreet Gallery


            Backstreet Gallery honors two multi-talented artists, Mike McIntyre and Don Mathis, at a reception at the gallery on September 14, 3-5 p.m. 

            Mike McIntyre, silversmith, lapidarist and ship-modeler extraordinaire displays a wide variety of handsome jewelry at the gallery. First, he cuts the beautiful stones then polishes them. When the stones are perfect, he applies his magic to silver, copper, brass and bronze to complement the various stones in earrings, bracelets, belt buckles, bolo ties and more.. His substantial designs appeal to both men and women.  As an adjunct to the reception, Mike plans to demonstrate these techniques. Don’t miss his presentation.

            McIntyre extends his attention to detail in the boat models he crafts from patterns. He replicates the original boats in a scale of one inch to one foot.

            With his wife, Char, Mike has been involved in the restoration of Florence Singing Pines Dog Park. Their two rescued Australian Shepherds, that are blind and deaf, enjoy exploring every scent at the park.

            Mike is a disabled Marine Corps veteran and is involved in veteran’s affairs.

            Don Mathis developed his artistic skills for many years, first in drawing and sketching as a teenager. Later, other related activities included painting on his hand-crafted wooden signs for businesses as well as numbers and logos on race cars. His custom work included handmade furniture, cabinets, leatherwork, wire-wrapped jewelry and even digital art.

             During the 1970s and 1980s, he developed skill in oil and acrylic painting. In the early 2000s, drawing with colored pencils captured his attention.

            Recently, Don’s work explores the freedom of expression that fluid art provides.  Each mixed media piece is colorful, textured and totally unique.

            His work has earned special recognition at local juried art exhibits. The Studios, Old Town Coffee & Gallery, Peace Harbor Medical Center, Florence Chamber of Commerce, Siuslaw Public Library and Florence Events Center have all shown his work.

            Enjoy these two outstanding artisans along with more than 20 other accomplished artists and authors at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, open daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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