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JULY - 2017

Dual Featured Artists: Susan Thomas & Meredith Draper



 During July, Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, is pleased to feature weaver and jewelry artist, Meredith Draper and Susan Thomas, pastel artist. On July 8, 3-5p.m. during the SecondSaturday Art Tour the gallery honors them with a reception, featuring music, great food, and original art.

            Meredith Draper joined the gallery nine years ago and has played an important role in making the gallery what it is today. She presently serves as president.

            Multi-talented Meredith has dusted off her loom and currently added beautifully hand-woven scarves to her collection of vintage timepiece jewelry. The ultra soft scarves are created from a variety of fibers in rich colors and designs that carry the wearer from summer into winter.

            A while ago, Meredith took a break from weaving and discovered her passion for antique watch parts. Her watches are 60 to over 100 years old. She reveals the beauty, intricate details and craftsmanship of the past watchmakers and transforms their work into new one-of-a-kind pieces.

            Now she’s enjoying two passions: rediscovering the joys of weaving and producing amazing jewelry. She offers individually crafted pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Her art can jazz up a wardrobe, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

            Using pastels, Susan Thomas shows a masterful touch that makes one pause and enjoy the exceptional beauty of her work and wonder if it might be painting. She works in soft pastels with bold strokes. Susan’s creations show her special talent in use of vivid color in contrasting shades bathed in light. Her dramatic work definitely lights up a room.

            Susan takes inspiration in her love of the Oregon beaches, beautiful skies, and landscapes. Her work includes shorebirds, seascapes, landscapes, and florals. This show introduces local scenes from our town and the Oregon shore.

             She was born in Surrey, England. She brings her experience from working in graphic design, advertising, and marketing in both her work and in the promotion of her artistic endeavors. If you are in Gearhart, Oregon, you may want to stop by her gallery aptly entitled A Great Gallery.

            Her teenage daughter follows in her footsteps as a budding artist and photographer.

            Join Backstreet at their reception or stop by the gallery this month to see the work of these talented artists.

Meredith's Backstreet Page with more information
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