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MARCH 2019

“Zen” at Backstreet


            Backstreet Gallery presents “Zen,” a show of the magical pairing of mixed-media paintings by

Pattie Brooks-Anderson with photography by Stephanie Ames. The reception for these award-winning artists is March 9, 3-5 p.m., during Second Saturday Art Tour at Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street.

            Pattie Brooks-Anderson works intuitively, often not realizing the image until she nears completion. Poetry, quotes, philosophy, native culture, meditation and beach walks inspire her.

             Pattie’s signature painting style sets her apart from other watercolorists. She starts with ethereal washes of vivid color. Of late, she has experimented with new mixed media techniques and materials. Enhanced with linear ink patterns, her subject appears to her. “Somehow the images and subsequent message seem to be transmitted though some greater source than myself . . .”

            For Pattie, the beauty of nature captures, “the overall awareness of the interconnectivity of all forms of life.” With her fascination of aboriginal customs of revisiting sacred sites, her latest paintings reflect her concern and respect for our environment and for the life within.  Representing Zen, animal Zen, expect to see her wolves howling, a whale breaching and perhaps an Octopus flowing with his environment.

                Stephanie Ames takes her photography to an exceptional level of expertise. In addition to the practiced eye for composition and a great camera, Stephanie captures light in a most unique way. “I love how light and the camera lens combine to reveal our everyday world as a mysterious and perhaps, unknowable place.”

            Whether the subjects are humming birds in flight, storm clouds over the ocean, sun rays sifting through the mist or interesting trucks abandoned in a field, the results are a lesson in awe. In color or black and white her photographs take of advantage of light to enhance her subject matter in a unique way.

            Perhaps living in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest led Stephanie to appreciate hiking, backpacking, birding, kayaking, snowshoeing and rock-hounding. Those are activities where she is bound to find unusual and amazing subsjects to capture a moment in time. 

            Second Saturday Art Tour reception also brings a musical experience from Sunny Sundstrom playing folk and rock to latin and jazz. He’ll share his love of music and contribute to this unique “Zen”  show as he plays his electric and acustic guitars.


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