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MARCH - 2017

Ames and Brooks Anderson honored at Backstreet

          Backstreet Gallery’s reception, March 11, 3-5 p.m. 

features painter Pattie Brooks Anderson and

photographer Stephanie Ames. The theme, Sanctuary,

is interpreted in their work. Both award-winning artists

capture light in their creations, which draws the viewer

into their work.  

            Pattie Brooks-Anderson says, “I believe drawing

is one of the most profound methods to reach your own

submerged artist.” Drawing is an integral part of Pattie’s

inking motif.

            Besides being an outstanding painter, Pattie is an

illustrator/author. Watercolor and ink are her media. 

Beginning with a vivid watercolor wash she applies

linear ink patterns drawn to interact with the subjects.

More depth is added with an opaque watercolor. Atop

the wash of brilliant color she adds deep shadowing by

drawing ink lines that contrast and enhance the final


            Enchanted was her first book. Each page of this

book is an exquisite illustration that draws the viewer

into the mystery of the alchemy and messages Pattie

reveals though artwork and her words.  This year’s

project is Spirit Bear. After spending four months

researching the legend of the Great Bear Rainforest in

Canada, she has nearly completed the 26 illustrations that will make up this incredible book. She will have several of the original paintings for sale as well as prints. Much of Pattie’s artwork is devoted to endangered species. Look for this new edition soon.

            As President of the gallery and long time member, Pattie has helped lead Backstreet from its origins to the fine gallery of today.


            Ames photography appears extensively in local publications in Florence. Her distinctive style is recognizable. She finds the right subject, waits for the right moment with the right light to illuminate the composition in a dramatic way. Her inspiration comes from subjects throughout Oregon. She presents the subject in a unique and innovative style.

            Recently Stephanie entered a competition at Portland’s Blue Sky gallery where they selected 10 of her breathtaking photos to show April 2017 - March 2018.

             This gallery accepts works with an avant-garde flair, which definitely applies to her work. “Oregon is all I know,” she says.  However seeing it through her eyes presents a whole new picture.

            Each year Stephanie has been juried into the Eugene Mayor’s Art Show—not easy for a photographer. Besides being runner up in the Photozone Juried show, she won a merit award in a National juried show. She was juried into the 14th Around Oregon show in Corvallis and also into the first Eugene Biennial at the Karin Clarke Gallery. She has won numerous awards in Eugene and camera club competitions.

            Stephanie’s eye for the dramatic is not limited to photography. As display chair for Backstreet Gallery, she is responsible for the appearance of 20+ artists’ work, helping Backstreet be voted Best Gallery in Florence several times.

            Come to Backstreet’s Second Saturday, March 11. Enjoy distinctive art, fine food and hear great music, 3-5 p.m. 1421Bay Street.

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