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Time for our 2016 Community Challenge

“Summer Box Social Celebrating the American Spirit”

Set For July 2016

The boxes and entry forms will be at the gallery April 1st


     Guess what? The boxes are round! Entrants will be given a choice of sizes and be allowed to choose more than one. The entrance fee of $10 incudes one box, however for an additional charge extra boxes are available and can be used for your single artwork. Or if you want to do two pieces, you can pay another entry fee and it will include the box.


     So sharpen your right-side brain images. Boxes, entry forms and rules will be offered at the Gallery, 1421 Bay St. the 1st Friday of April. (April 1st, no fooling:-))  Backstreet Gallery can hardly wait to see, once again, what a creative community we have.

You can see the details and rules for the Summer Box Social Here.



Join us Saturday 3-5 PM for the Community Challenge Show 2016, Summer Box Social. Once again our Best of Show winner is the talented Bill Johnson with "Fireworks On the Siuslaw"; FIrst Place went to John Stead for his wonderful wood created "Enigma"; Second Place, Terry Dewey, with a very creative working clock, "Time Flies"; and finally Third Place goes to a very talented young artist, Abby Mucker for her, "Firecracker Cake"!

Shown: Firecracker Cake by Abby Mucker, Enigma by John Stead, Time Flies by Terry Dewey, and Fireworks On the Siuslaw by Bill Johnson.

We will also be having our eleventh Birthday Celebration on Saturday, see you there!

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