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Stormy Weather at Backstreet

            Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, invites you to enjoy

January-February “Stormy Weather” show. The membership will join

together as they create their own “Stormy Weather” art pieces.

            Local singer songwriter Stephen McVay will bring his soulful

violin into Backstreet’s New Year’s mix, along with his fine guitar. 

He’ll set the moods with his own beautiful songs and their sweet

harmonies, as well as those of others we know and love so well.  Who

knows?  Maybe even “Stormy Weather” will be one song sung … by


            Greet the New Year with the reception, on January 9th, 3-5PM.

The gallery will be loaded with great food, unique art, live entertainment

and the merriment in celebration of the new year of 2016.

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