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Caroline Estill and John Leasure Featured at Backstreet

    Caroline Estill and John Leasure, new oil painters at Backstreet Gallery, team up for a May show in their honor. You’re invited to their reception at the gallery, 1421 Bay St. on May 14, 3-5 PM during the Second Saturday Gallery Tour.

    From Texas, Caroline is delighted with Florence. She has escaped bugs and heat while being inspired by the rich beauty of the Oregon Coast. The mountains and valleys offer a never-ending canvas on which to focus.

     After studying traditional painting, being a commercial artist and teaching fine arts, she is now concentrating on her beautifully executed oil paintings. Her favorite subject matter is landscapes, however one would never know that when enjoying the amazing fluidity of her seascapes and the rich vibrancy of her florals. Caroline captures a glow in all her work. With a flair of impressionism, light plays on the edges of her subject matter.

    “Collecting, owning and viewing art gives me great joy.” To that end she loves to travel, especially when she is alone so she can leisurely view art at museums and galleries.

    Here in Florence, Caroline has exhibited her work in the Kenneth B. Gallery.

    John Leasure’s oils harness the energy of the elements in his powerful seascapes accompanied by dramatic beams of light.  While ocean scenes are favorite inspirations, his florals are also quite distinctive.

    John was instrumental in creating the Florence Regional Art Center and its ongoing operation as he serves on the board. You can sign up for the classes he teaches there.

    He became interested in art at an early age when he visited a neighboring gallery.

    A longtime resident in Florence, he’s not only an adept oil painter. His artistry in cabinetry adorns many local homes. Adjunct to his wood working, he continued to show his oil paintings in Sharls restaurant until it closed. He has shown work in the FEC, library, hospital, Dunes Cafe and the FRAA Art Center.

     With an interest in astronomy, he focuses his telescope on the vast northern skies studying stars, constellations, rings of Saturn, nebulae or the moon.

    As John says, “Art should be fun.”

    Reception music is by “Tres Chic”, cleverly named for the two Teresas. Tres Eberhard, keyboard, and Terri Mihm, flute, have formed a musical partnership as accomplished musicians who like to mix it up a bit.  They’ll play genres from classical to jazz, with tunes from the 60’s through the 90’s. They’re fun, talented and engaging.

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