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This show’s theme, “It’s About Time”, is quite literal for Meredith’s innovative repurposing of vintage watch parts into unique jewelry. Part of the lure of her art is the hunt. Finding the right parts for her finished jewels takes many trips to estate sales, thrift stores and the like. Of late, she focuses on 1950’s enameled pieces and space age watches from the1960’s.

For Ramona Welzel, “It’s About Time” is about evolving, and refers to her trying something new in developing her beautifully subtle watercolors and intricate organic ink drawings. Experimenting with Masa and other papers as well as using stronger, bolder color, she enhances the signature soft pastel colors of her previous work. Sometimes, Ramona literally sews her water colored paper into incredible  paper “quilts”.

Their reception is part of the Second Saturday Art Tour from 3-5PM at Backstreet, the perfect spot for tasty appetizers, great art, much fun and live music. New to Backstreet, Molly Hardin, singer-songwriter of the R&B genre, is providing fabulous music. She’s the daughter of member Jill Hardin, and niece of singer-songwriter, Tom Hardin.

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