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Terry D. Way

Mixed Media Sculpture


Born a small town Nebraska boy, Terrys’ cultural experience was pretty limited.He didn't go to an art museum until I was 28. Once he dipped his toes into the art world, things changed. Fast forward 45 years, he is now in the “recovering” Masters of Fine Arts phase. His passion turns to what is popularly referred to as “Art Brut”,  art that is made outside the academic tradition of fine art. Art Brut is more primitive, with fewer rules. His work explores the wonderful human urge to “make marks” and explore what it means to be human.


Terry is a Master Kaisen Muse Creativity Coach. He teaches workshops at FRAA in Florence and pursues his interest in the philosophical  aspects of quantum science by working part time at the Quantum Activism Vishwalayam school based in Jaipur India, from which he holds a Master of Arts degree.

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