Sher Rosenberg

My brother and I grew up in Central California where my father was the ranch foreman for an Angus cattle spread in the middle of nothing about 28 miles from town.  Every day we enjoyed our fill of fresh air, wide open spaces, critters and chores.  It was a wonderful way to start. 


Fast-forward for more than thirty years through the California Bay Area to Bozeman, Montana, to Florence, Oregon where I met Katheryn Davis who talked me into taking a watercolor class she was about to teach.  While the time with Katy was way too short, the impact she had on many of us has been long-lasting. 


I love watercolor.  No two days of painting are ever the same, except for how quickly time passes while you’re engaged in the art.  Initially, the exploration of water and paint and paper is simply to create an image.  Later, it is more important to try to tell the story, to evoke a feeling, to rekindle a memory, and to share a place and time with someone who was not there.


I began a new chapter of art in 2018 during endless walks with my dog, Nick, on our own Oregon beaches.  I became astounded at the number of truly beautiful, individual pieces of nature we were simply walking over without seeing.  Working to focus attention on these “Ordinary Treasures” will likely never replace my love of watercolors, but it may turn out to be a very symbiotic relationship.   

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