Shelly Medeiros


Shelly Medeiros is a self-taught wire and leather wrap artist.  Using the ancient technique of wire wrapping, she has a passion for making unique jewelry and sculptures.  Her creations are intended to exemplify the beautiful coastal environment she has loved for many years.  Her artwork has drawn praises from around the country and through social media.  She is open to new designs, concepts, challenges and is always trying new things!


Shelly was born in South Dakota, where she met her husband of 35 years.  They moved to California, where she established a career in the accounting world and held a prominent position with a New York based wedding distribution company as Controller and General Manager.  She and her family discovered Florence, and spent many weeks vacationing in the beautiful surroundings that now inspire her.  After retiring, Shelly and her husband officially moved to Florence and quickly established themselves in the community through volunteer work and recreational activities.


Favored Mediums:  Wire, Cabochons, Semi-Precious Stones, Crystals, Embossed & Etched Work, Copper, Sterling Silver, and Leather.


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