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Rae Wescott

 I’ve always enjoyed all forms of art over the years depending on which phase in life I’m in. I strongly believe that art is an integral part of every day life. Whether you appreciate it or create it, art allows each persons individuality to shine through.


 I was born in Eugene Oregon and lived there until my mid thirties when I moved to Alaska with my husband and two daughters. Settling in and enjoying Alaska life for the next 26 years. 


While living in Alaska painting with watercolors became a creative outlet for me. I love the lightness and movement of watercolors, and it has remained a consistent part of my life over the years.


We moved back home to Oregon in 2004, where I worked for the State of Oregon, Department of Human Services until retirement in 2015. 


Retirement has given me the opportunity and luxury of painting any time I want. I've recently joined the Backstreet Gallery Co-op and looking forward to my next new adventure.

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