Phyllis Laird


Phyllis Laird, a native of the St. Lawrence River Valley in upstate NY, learned to make pottery in a commercial studio in Santa Monica, CA in 1976. Relocating to AZ in 1978, she began studying Ceramic Arts at Mohave Community College.  Eventually teaching classes at the college for a few years, and continues to develop her skills.

John - her husband, and Phyllis purchased a vacation home in Florence in 2003, moving here on a permanent basis in 2013 - maintaining a private home studio.

She often incorporates sculpture with wheel-thrown pieces, never duplicating her work.  Phyllis' art is diversified, utilizing underglazes, oxides & stains to hand paint eclectic images.  Each subject captures her interest in various ways - finding inspiration all around.

All her pottery is fired to Cone 10 (2,300+ degrees) using a reduction kiln method.  This type of firing allows the pottery to be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Only lead-free, food-safe glazes are used.

Phyllis says, "With every 
piece, I hope to express uniqueness and beauty through color, form, and artwork.  I love the flexibility and feel of clay, it's many challenges and the anticipation/reward at each kiln opening.”