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Pattie Brooks Anderson

Artist Statement and Biography
Painter, Printmaker and Multimedia Artist

My work is often inspired by visual images that come to me from poetry, quotes, philosophy, native culture and history. When I get ideas for paintings they sometimes appear as complete images, usually during meditation or when I am walking in the trees or on the beach. 

I work intuitively and I often don't realize why I am painting the image until I get close to completion. There is a moment when the message becomes clear. It is often deeper and more complex than the simple image that I saw initially. At this point the painting begins to impart knowledge to me. It leaves me with a sense of wonder. Somehow the images and the subsequent messages seem to be transmitted through a source greater than myself, or perhaps, from a part of myself that at some point becomes connected to this source.

I have been painting and creating art in a multitude of media for many years.  The concepts of metamorphosis and rebirth are constant themes, and within these themes, an overall awareness of the interconnectivity of all forms of life. 

Additionally, I am fascinated with the aboriginal custom of returning annually to sacred sites. For me, each place, or even an animal or an object, seems to take on a sacredness once one has truly experienced it. I often marvel at the beauty of nature unique to each place, animal or object. They seem to take on an aura of sacredness as a result of the impression they kindle in me.


  • Attended San Diego State University majoring in art and teaching. 

  • Studied art at Palomar College in North San Diego County 

  • Workshops from many renowned art instructors, including Jeanne Dobie

    and Linda Doll
  • Worked as a freelance commercial artist for nine years

  • Returned to San Diego State in 1991

  • Received a BA degree in painting and printmaking in 1993

  • Senior Show: ”Metamorphosis” at the SDSU Gallery 

  • Boehm Gallery at Palomar College in San Marcos, California. 

  • Dual show: With Arnold Kessler, Brush and Lens, Through the

    Eyes of Two Artists
  • Founded, The High Sierra Arts Institute, a summer school for the arts, 1999

  • 2000 began teaching classes in Discovering Creative Potential

  • 2006 - Present Member of  Backstreet Gallery, Artist Co-op, Florence OR

  • Celebrate the Arts Florence Events Center Award winner,  2008, 2009, 2010

  • Published a picture book Enchanted ©2013 for children 8-80


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