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Mark Anderson was an Eagle Scout as a kid. This meant lots of pine trees and poison ivy, no electricity, and - of course - outhouses. At least 14 weeks every summer were spent "under canvas." Mark no longer lives outdoors, but the out-of-doors still lives in him. Both the beauty and the menace of the natural world are Mark's preferred photographic subjects. Mark is perpetually aware that “Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.” -- H. D. Thoreau. 


In the 1980s Mark worked as a freelance photographer. Commercial clients included a local pizza chain and a national retailer, among others. Politicians were also frequent subjects. This work was all done with film. When digital imagery became the norm, Mark left photography to pursue other options. Now, with no conflicting career commitments, Mark has returned to camera arts. He captures images digitally and is more than grateful for the image processing options available in the digital realm, particularly for monochromatic renderings.  


Mark Anderson

Mark has repeatedly exhibited at Viewpoint Photographic Art Center in Sacramento, as well as the conveniently named "Mark’s Garage" gallery in Honolulu. Most recent showings include Florence Fest 2019, Black Box Gallery in Portland, and the Marin Society of Artists in San Rafael, CA. 

Find more about Mark at his website  here.

A recent interview with Jerry Schneider on KXCR radio, here.

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