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Larry Bishop

Wood Working: segmented and other turnings,

furniture, carvings and assemblages including non-wood items

I am somewhat of a local, having grown up in Elkton on the Umpqua River. After graduating from Elkton High, I attended Oregon State, majoring in Forestry.  I spent a couple of years in the U.S.Army. I then interned briefly with a land surveying/forestry firm before moving into the timber industry as a practicing Forester. I purchased an existing land surveying firm in 1977, which I operated until the end of 2016.


In 1997, I began acquiring woodworking machinery for my recently completed shop. During the early years, I concentrated on home improvement projects and furniture. While smaller projects of a more artistic nature have always been of interest, only recently through study, practice and many hours viewing YouTube instructional videos have my skills and techniques improved to the quality presented here.


Currently and for the foreseeable future,

 my interests focus on two areas of working with wood. One is the use of various woods from around the world, with emphasis on those indigenous to the PacificNorthwest. The other is the challenges of creation inherent in segmentation procedures.

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