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Kyla Corbett

Kyla Face (1).JPG

After decades of exploring watercolor and various other art mediums, I discovered needle felting in 2011 and was enamored with the texture and warmth of felted wool that captured the essence of wildlife and nature so beautifully. The deep connection and beauty of nature and wildlife drives my desire to create art.   I still find that each new piece is an exploration of movement, texture and color as I layer and sculpt the wool. 


My process entails using the specially barbed needles (that I call my “brushes”) to felt onto a pre-felted wool sheeting (which I call my "canvas") to lock the loose fibers into. The various locking fibers are considered my “paints”.  The dyed and natural wool fibers are pulled away from the primary roving and thoughtfully layered upon the pre-felted wool, sculpted, and locked into each other by the needles.

I began sharing my felted wool art at various local fiber art shows and soon expanded to juried shows and online sites such as Daily Paint Works, Fine Art America, my own website, and Etsy®. I started teaching in 2017 and found a new and rewarding avenue to share my passion. My felt art has won several awards over the last decade, and I continue to challenge the medium into refined, new pieces.

Wildlife and nature are the focus in my felted wool paintings. I find that the texture and warmth of wool portrays the wildlife so beautifully. Each new piece brings about a learning experience and discovery for what the wool can do and how I can layer the colored wools to accomplish new ways of portraying the color in the eyes, fur and movement of animals and the dance and depth of clouds and water. The most rewarding experience of my artwork is when someone discovers the art of 2D felted wool through my for the first time. I love to watch the wonder develop and the excitement rise when people fall in love with a piece that calls to them. 

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