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Kristin Anderson

Fused Glass Artist


I began working with fused glass several years ago to counterbalance my analytical daily work as an Engineering Director. It was liberating as I let myself go with the moment to add color and design. I fell in love with the creativity I am able to express through the glass medium, experimenting and challenging myself with new techniques and colors.


Each kiln cycle leaves me waiting with anticipation to see the result.  A piece can often take multiple firings in the kiln.  The first firing fuses the glass pieces together at approximately 1450 degrees F.  The final firing at a lower temperature allows the piece to slump into its final shape. 


I enjoy challenging myself and learning new things as I explore the vast options in fusing and push my boundaries.  I relish when others suggest ideas, color schemes and visions as it often leads to new discoveries.  What I have observed is that people have an affection for color and flow, and having art glass near them offers a sense of beauty and serenity, which is the true beauty of glass.  I especially love sharing my passion with others!







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