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Kathy Elfers


I am an Oregon native, and have had the good fortune to have lived in many areas of this  beautiful state. Since early childhood I have embraced my artistic talents, drawing inspiration from my natural surroundings. I consider Nature to be my palette, and my eyes and hands being extensions of that palette. The endless color, texture, and imagery is my greatest influence. I am also compelled, when possible, to use what nature creates, to enhance my pieces.

I love to work in sustainable mediums, and enjoy the hands on approach that felting allows me. It's magical to take some loose wool fiber and create not only my medium, but also my art form, at the same time.

I have been greatly influenced by ancient cultures, and enjoy studying the technologies they used for their survival and creativity. Most survival skills, such as basketry, pottery flint knapping and felt making, have become art forms in today’s society. It is very important to me, to make my contribution in preserving these ancient arts and traditions.

I consider myself only a keeper of the felting tradition. Like an antique, it is my responsibility to preserve and protect it, then pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

See more of Kathy's work here.

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