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Jim Prentice


I graduated from North Bend High School in 1967 where I took art classes in my Junior and Senior years. I won blue ribbons at the County and State fairs for pictures using pointillism as my medium.


Then for two years, I traveled the United States from coast to coast trying to see what life was about and where I wanted to live it.


I started scroll sawing in 2004, making a Cheshire cat for my new granddaughter. I enjoyed it so much that I made 30 projects and gave them all away as gifts.


My wife and I moved to Florence in 2016 and I am now creating pieces (Intarsia) with wood native to the Oregon coast with a Coastal flair on my projects.


I have always enjoyed puzzles and am amazed to see what you can do with wood, sandpaper, glue and a little bit of talent.

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