Jill Hardin

Jill Hardin, born to musician parents in the Pacific Northwest, received a BA in Music at the University of Oregon, and pursued various musical interests ever since, from performing with the Seattle Opera Company to singing the good ballads of the 30’s and 40’s, while teaching privately and tuning pianos to support her children.  She has been writing poetry all along, with emphasis on songwriting in the earlier years, during which she fondly recalls occasional brief mentoring sessions with her brother Tim.  She later wrote and performed a one-woman show, “Muse and Mask” for the Seattle Fringe Theatre Festival.  Since the late 80’s, she has become much more interested in the purity of the word alone, as an art form, for expressing Truth, Gratitude, and “all the in-betweens”.   She lives happily on the Oregon Coast.

…Ponder rather

the Sweetness


your own Heart’s

Deepest Place.

If you cannot find it

lean your head

upon my breast—

just as I have  mine

upon yours—

now  listen

to my beating heart—

climb  under it

into it

find  your  own.

© Copyright