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Jane Rincon

Jane was born in LaVerne, California.  After graduating from Occidental College in Los Angeles she moved to Chico, where she raised five children with her husband Hank.  She worked as a teacher and administrator for Chico Unified Schools for 38 years.


Jane discovered Florence, moved here in 2000, and began exploring the wonders of watercolor.  She studies continuously with Susan Weathers, and has taken classes from Katherine Davis, Ron Ranson, an English landscape watercolorist, and Gerald Brommer, a collage artist.

“Living on the ocean, I like to express my fascination with the beach and water.  I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of painting on Yupo, and have explored some of the amazing things that can come out of working with this paper.

My latest area of experimentation is with abstract work and with collage.  I love the textures and feelings of various papers and materials, and am captivated with how they add dimension to compositions.  My shell wreaths and greeting cards made with objects from the sea and nature also give me a chance to express this love of texture.

As with anything else in life, I am finding with art that the more you learn the more you realize how little you know.  Such is life!!”

Jane has played many active roles in the gallery and was one of our founding members in 2005.

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