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Dana LaMair

Dana LaMair is a watercolor artist who lives on the central Oregon coast near Florence.  Previously she lived in Missouri with her husband. Since retiring from her career as a clinical psychologist four years ago, she has focused her creative energy on botanical painting. Historically, botanical illustration was necessary for scientist and physicians to identify plants for medicinal purposes. It is enjoying a resurgence in the art world as more people are interested in connecting with nature at a closer level. Ecological awareness along with an elevated sense of rapid biological change is a driving force for most botanical artists.

Mainly inspired by the ecological diversity and beauty of this area, she decided to dedicate her next career to botanical painting. She decided to take her interest to a formal level and was accepted into the Diploma in Botanical Illustration at the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. She will graduate in 2024. 

 She states, “Botanical painting and illustrating are now my full-time job. I find great enjoyment observing and painting the lovely plant for many hours. Once you paint it, you see it differently. The plant goes from anonymity to a work of art.” 

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