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DSB mug shot

Doug Byrd

When I was young you could always find me in a library going through the art books. To this day I still remember the first painting that blew my mind. I thought, how can a person think of something so difficult and then put it down on canvas. As for myself, I have never had any formal training, so I plan before I approach a canvas. They don't all turn out, but when they do I start laughing and that is why I paint. I'm hooked on the sense of accomplishment.

I finally started picking up the brush in the 90's while living on Maui. A few years later I made the big commitment. So, it was off to Costa Rica to paint from sun-up to sundown for the next 5 years.. I had exhibitions in hotels and beach town galleries-- living the artists life. From there, I returned home to Port Townsend, Washington. I bought a small white tent and started showing at festivals, galleries, and the famous Port Townsend Farmers Market. Twenty -four years later, I am now on the last adventure. I always wanted to paint the Oregon Coast. And, from what I've seen, Ill never run out of subject matter. Wish me luck.

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