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Colleen Ryan

I grew up on the beach in New England, moved to the Midwest to teach and retired to the beach (again) here in Florence. I tell everyone I'm following the sun

My interest in arts and crafts started as a child sewing doll clothes and making jewelry from the shells I found on the beach.

In High School and college, I did costuming for dance companies and tailoring to help defer the cost of my education.

During my teaching career, I took a variety of craft classes as my relaxation therapy. Beading became my go-to favorite.

While visiting Arizona, I became fascinated with gourd crafting. For the last 15 years, Ive combined my love of beading with my fascination with gourds.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I've discovered treasures from the sea while on my walks -- from the kelp and sea grass to driftwood, shells and stones.

I've enjoyed incorporating these discovered treasures into my gourd work.

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