Claudia Ignatieff

Claudia Ignatieff is a retired Early Childhood Administrator, with a B.A. in Child Development and an Art Minor. She has lived in Florence for the past nine years and has served as Co-Chair of the Florence Events Center Gallery Committee. Her role there includes arranging, publicizing, hanging and striking art exhibits. She was one of the founding members of Florence Regional Arts Alliance, where she currently serves as a Board member and Publicity Chair.

Artist Statement: “I paint because I appreciate the beauty I see all around me and I want to express my thankfulness through art. I am inspired by the ocean and its gifts, wildlife and their devotion to their young, and the innocent nature, faithfulness, and unconditional love of pets. I paint with water-based oils, and prefer my art to have a soft, blended feel. My art has a sense of realism, without being overly detailed. In addition to brush work, I like using different sizes of artist’s spatulas to create bark on trees, fur on animals and other textures. I want my paintings to relate to the viewer, sparking an emotional response. I create paintings from photographs or memories that have a special meaning to me. Recently, a woman came to me with tears in her eyes, saying what wonderful memories the “Forever Loyal” painting (dog looking out from pier at sunset) had brought back to her. To touch others like that is my ultimate reward. “

Claudia has exhibited at such venues as Florence Events Center, Siuslaw Library, Silver Lining Gallery, Peace Health Medical Center, FRAA Art Center, Oregon Pacific Bank, Driftwood Shores.  Most recently, she was the featured artist for two months at the Newport Visual Arts Center.

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