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Caroline P. Estill

My artwork starts in reality and evolves through my imagination.   As an impressionist for the last 35 years, I believe in a painting process that enables me to tap into my creativity rather than trying to copy and perfect.


I create artworks that express my love for the land, utilizing my study of varies art movements from Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism to most recently atmospheric Lyrical Abstraction using cold wax with oils.


What comes through, no matter which style used, is a combination of gathered visual inspiration from nature, remembered life experiences and the feelings that remain long after an experience has passed.


My sensitivity to color and nuance has led me to express this love of nature through seeing with a quiet eye, to discern atmospheric shifts in color, texture and shape. In my abstractions I encourage the viewer to see through and beyond the physical surface layer, to dive deep to the heart and spirit of ones’ emotions. This accomplished through the use of color combinations with tonal design elements.


Mountains, shorelines, waterways and the changing light are featured throughout my work, both in the abstract, mixed media and my impressionistic pieces.    I use a variety of media including oil, cold wax, pastel, inks, mineral pigments and acrylic paint.   I often include collage elements of fabric and paper.


In years past, I studied classical painting techniques at an atelier academy in Tennessee then another intensive program in Denver CO. I was a commercial artist in Houston TX, then later taught painting in the private sector. Moving from Houston to Florence, Oregon in 2003, were I found great inspiration to express my deep love for the beauty found in the this landscape.

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