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Caroline Estill


She would like the viewer of her paintings to pause and see nature’s calm beauty. Wanting them to experience a fleeting moment, a quick impression of a peaceful time, hoping to have them stop and take a deep breath and relax.  It is a joy to take time to appreciate sunlight shining across an object and notice all the colors in a shadow area.

Her consistent dedication to painting as well as the study of contemporary and past masters, are the most important elements of her artistic development.  For several decades Caroline studied artists connected with the International Impressionist Movement that evolved from 1860-1920 .  Their  works exhibit luminous and high-keyed palettes,  loose and spontaneous brushwork primarily on subjects of leisure.

A few of her favorite international artists that have had a large influence on her style include  Joaquin Sorolla from Spain, Anders Zorn from Sweden, Peder Krøyer. From the United States I would have to list Theodore Robinson, John Singer Sargent and Childe Hassam, followed by the group of artists often referred to as The California Plein Aire Painters, Marion Wachtel, E. Charlton Fortune, Guy Rose and Granville Redmond. Take the time to google some of these names, all are great painters not often covered in the press.

In years past, Caroline studied painting techniques at an art school in Tennessee then another art school in Denver CO.  She was a commercial artist in Houston TX, then later taught painting in the private sector.


Moving to Florence, Oregon in 2003.   She was elected to the Siuslaw School District, serving a four year term from  2007-2011.