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Backstreet's Story


Who knew many years ago in 2005, when several artists sat together in a little house––a former bakery––in Florence, Oregon, that Backstreet Gallery would have come so far? With an aim to create something new, a co-operative gallery took root, where all the artist/members would share in the work to operate the gallery and have a place to show and sell their art.

This is an example of what can be accomplished when creative individuals get together to design a cooperative business that will benefit not only themselves but also the community. Moving from Laurel Street to Bay Street, Backstreet has become the place where fabulous art is seen and shared by all. 

Every artist who has been a member has worked with the group to make Backstreet Gallery one of the nicest galleries in the Northwest. We owe a big thank you to the founding members for their passion, perseverance and vision.  Thanks also to all the members past and present who have helped and worked very hard to make it what it is today.  We especially invite all those members to celebrate on the second Saturday in June. 

Of course, it is still a work in progress. Every day we learn new ways to make our gallery more appealing and more technically advanced.  Most of all, we want everyone to know how much we appreciate our long-time loyal patrons and customers who continue to make our gallery a success and all the musicians who have entertained us at out special events and Second Saturday Gallery Tour receptions.


The mission of Backstreet Gallery is to provide a venue for diverse member artists to grow creatively while displaying and marketing their work, and to interact with the community to support art and educational activities.

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