Kris DeNoyer

Kris was born in San Luis Obispo, California and grew up on the central coast by the beach. She took her first art class in junior high and continued taking art classes in high school and college, focusing on drawing, painting, sculpting, digital and graphic arts.

In 1994 Kris and her husband moved to Sacramento, California. The summer of 2000 she took her first two ceramic courses, and she was hooked!  She changed her college plans and started concentrating on ceramics.

Kris says she was very fortunate to have a mentor who had his master’s degree in ceramics, with a minor in art. For the next 5 years she learned about wheel throwing, hand building, sculpting and firing techniques from this ceramics professor.

In the summer of 2005, she and her husband moved from California to Florence, Oregon. They bought their home that fall and created a ceramics studio in 2006 for her to create her beautiful and unique pieces.

She joined the Backstreet Gallery in June 2009.

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