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Since 2003 Jacklon has brought her artistic skills to Florence.  Once adept  with
watercolor, she became fascinated with gemstones when a friend gifted her with a collection
exotic beads.

Jacklon insists on hand-selecting her beads from fine quality gemstones, pearls, turquoise,
coral, Austrian crystals and more.  She then combines these with sterling silver, gold and bronze that she hammers, twists and forms into exceptional pieces.

Linking each special natural stone to a complimentary metal, she produces dramatic and
distinctive pieces which take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Jacklon loves to travel especially when it's a sea cruise, which gives her an opportunity
to find unique material for expanding her line of jewelry.

Having just returned from a buying trip in California, her new work is sure to impress.

It's no wonder her elegant pieces are worn in London, France, Japan, Canada and throughout
the United States.

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