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Geraldine McMahan

“I touched my first piece of raw clay while working at the University of Washington Hospitals in Seattle, in the mid 1970’s. We were installing one of the first laboratory computer systems in the country and I had accrued way too much vacation time because of all the overtime. My boss and I compromised: I didn’t get to go away on vacation but I did get an afternoon off once a week to go to a pottery class. What a good deal that was!”


Geraldine continued to work with clay while working in the healthcare information systems industry in Los Angeles, Long Island, Minneapolis and Orlando. Then, ten years in Tucson, ‘all work and no clay’.


Since moving to Florence in 2001, Geraldine has been attending the pottery class at LCC. “One of the things I like most about pottery is potters. I love to share ideas and techniques, successes and failures with other potters. Creativity is contagious.”


Geraldine’s pots are all hand built, in both red clay and white clay. “I like to find a basic form that I feel comfortable with and then make variations on that form and experiment with various decoration techniques. Mostly, I just like to get my hands in clay.”

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