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Akos St. Clair

Akos takes a specially selected piece of wood, wields hand-held rotary power tools, razor knives, scalpels, and sandpaper then finishes the piece with Danish oil. The result is one-of-a-kind detailed relief wood carvings. Years of practice have contributed to the finely tuned skills he applies today.

St. Clair’s art reflects the influence of the Northwest Coast Native art tradition. After numerous visits to Washington and British Columbia, Vancouver Island, he developed a great respect for the Native artisans he observed at work. Much like those Native artists, a good deal of St.Clair’s work illustrates a deep interest in the birds and animals that surround us.

While most of his carvings are beautifully hand-framed wall hangings, other pieces, such as bowls and boxes, might be functional as well. His small pieces may take as few as 10 hours to carve, but most take 20 to 40 hours to finish.

St.Clair’s work has been shown at various venues around Florence, including The Siuslaw Public Library, Celebrate Arts, Empty Bowls and the Rhododendron Art Show.

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